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  • What do the company Stein & Co. GmbH and the brand SEBO stand for?

    The first SEBO was developed 1978 for the high demands of professionals: innovative, efficient, ergonomic and economic. In a short time the young company SEBO Stein & Co. from Velbert in Germany became the market leader for professional upright vacuum cleaners. SEBO stands for technical innovations and intelligent detailed solutions. Most of our ideas have become a benchmark for high class vacuum cleaners. For instance the patented SEBO AIRBELT and the integrated hose. SEBO vacuum cleaners are optimized tools for the maintenance of carpets and hard floors. They are technically well-thought out and well-engineered, solidly made, easy to handle and functionally designed. SEBO develops and produces its high quality products exclusively in Velbert (Germany). Over 6 million vacuum cleaners sold shows the excellent reputation of SEBO. Today SEBO vacuum cleaners can be seen on red carpets and on high gloss hard floors. They are used in the White House in Washington, in Buckingham Palace in London, in the German Parliament in Berlin and in high class hotels all over the world.

  • Why buy a SEBO vacuum cleaner?

    For more than 45 years we have been developing and producing what we can do best - vacuum cleaners. We don't produce and sell other products because we are rightly specalized in vacuum cleaners. And all this time we have been at the same location - in Velbert (NRW). This is our origin and  will be in the future. Only thus we can offer your our SEBO products in the best quality which fulfill our high standards. From Velbert our products are sent out all over the world. With pride we can say that 90% of all components used are made and developed by SEBO.  A SEBO vacuum cleaner has usage oriented, patented solutions, low follow-up cost, durable designs and materials developed from our experience in commercial use, a longterm spare parts avaiability and is "Made in Germany".

  • Are SEBO vacuum cleaners for the commercial market more durable that the machines for the domestic market?

    The complete SEBO range is divided into the domestic and the commercial part. Most of the models are identical in construction and differ only in the configuration/equipment. It is not true that the vacuum cleaner for the commercial market are more durable or have a higher quality. In contrast the vacuum cleaner for the domestic market benefit from the high standars of the commercial market and have the same quality.



  • How often should I change the filter of my SEBO vacuum cleaner?

    A universal answer to this question does not exist. The life of the filters depends on the nature of absorbed dirt. Extremely fine dust e.g. builders dust, clogs the filter material very quickly. In this case the filtration is impaired after a very short time. The air flow the machine is reduced and the bag full indicator illuminates, even if the filter bag is not filled up completely. In normal use (common house dust) we recommend to change the filters after 10 - 20 filter bags.

  • The bag full indicator illuminates although I have changed the filter bag and filters.

    In most of cases this is a sign of a blockage in your machine. Any vacuum cleaner can block. Normally fitting the hose the opposite way around is the best solution to the blockage. Due to the optimized air flow and modular construction a blockage in a SEBO vacuum cleaner can be removed easily.

    Please follow these instructions to solve the blockage in your specific SEBO model:

    SEBO AUTOMATIC X/ FELIX: Turn on the vacuum cleaner and hold your hand over the end of the hose. Do you feel the usual strong suction power?

    NO: Stretch the hose. The inner profile will be straightened and the blockage can loosen itself.
    If this does not work, detach the hose completely from both openings and place the light grey end of the hose that was in the wand, into the bag housing opening instead. Stretch the hose vertically and turn on the vacuum. This will clean the flexible hosing. Make sure that there is no blockage in the wand then simply reattach the hose to its original position for normal operation.

    YES: Turn off and unplug the vacuum cleaner. Check the active wand, the flexible hose, filter bag and micro-filters, and any on-board attachments that may be clogged. Also remove the brush roller to check for blockages. Inspect the orange trap door on the underside of the power head and remove any debris or blockages.
    All of these steps will help you maintain a high level of performance for your SEBO.

    SEBO AIRBELT K / SEBO AIRBELT D / SEBO AIRBELT E: Turn off the vacuum cleaner. Inspect the filter bag and micro-filters for blockages. Then inspect the combination nozzle, telescope tube, handle and hose. If the hose is blocked, then remove the hose from the machine and reverse the hose opening by placing the hose/handle at the suction neck of the machine and stretch the hose vertically. Turn on the vacuum and allow the suction to remove any blockages then simply reattach the hose to its original position for normal operation.

  • My vacuum cleaner gets hot during use.

    The exhausted air of your SEBO vacuum clean can be heat up to 70° C (depending in installed performance/motor). This is normal and considerable lower than the statutory standard values. Please note that the heating of the exhausted air of your vacuum cleaner depends on the ambient temperature. Due to the different distances you might have the feeling that the exhausted air of an upright vacuum cleaner is warmer than the exhausted air of a cylinder vacuum cleaner. All SEBO vacuum cleaners are equpped with an overheat control device.

  • Can I adapt my SEBO vacuum cleaner to my preferred height?

    All of our SEBO vacuum cleaners are ergonomically sophisticated. The FELIX features a unique height adjustable handle. This is perfect for compact storage, easy carrying and variable userheight requirements. All SEBO cylinder vacuum cleaner are equipped with a telescopic tube. With the help of the slide button the lightweight telescopic tube can be adjusted easily and infinitely variable.

  • Is it possible to maintain my handmade carpet with a power head?

    The "strenght" of the "stitch" of handmade carpets is important. I order to check if you can use power head on your carpet, you can do the following steps: Take a look at the surface of your carpet and look after outstanding yarns. Use the power head on a very small area for a short time and check the surface again. If there's no difference, you can use the power head for the complete carpet.

  • What is the difference between SEBO AUTOMATIC X/XP and SEBO FELIX/DART?

    The SEBO product range is divided into the domestic and the commercial segment. Most of the models of both segments seems to be similar, but they differ in colour, equipment, features. The comparison between SEBO FELIX and SEBO DART shows that the SEBO FELIX is not avaiable in different colour and can be registered for 2 resp. 4 year guarantee, but offers more features (adjustable handle, deavtivable power head,...) than the SEBO DART. The SEBO DART is perfectly geared to the commercial use. The SEBO AUTOMATIC X and SEBO AUTOMATIC XP differs in colour and purpose. SEBO offers 2 resp. 4 year guarantee for alle SEBO domestic machines (SEBO AUTOMATIC X, SEBO FELIX, SEBO AIRBELT K, SEBO AIRBELT D, SEBO DISCO) (after online registration).

  • What is the difference between the combination nozzle SEBO KOMBI, the turbo brush SEBO TT-C/PT-C and the power head?

    SEBO vacuum cleaners can be used on each floor. Whether it is carpet, parquet or any other hard floor, the right floor nozzle is ready to be used by hand (depending on model). SEBO offers a great range of floor nozzle. From SEBO KOMBI to the powerful power head SEBO ET. All SEBO vacuum cleaner are equipped with a special lock mechanism for the suction units, the telescopic tube and the handle. The SEBO KOMBI, SEBO TT-C and SEBO ET most popular SEBO floor nozzle. The range of use raise up from hard floor to carpet.

    The SEBO KOMBI was particularly developed for the professional cleaning market. Works with either carpet or hard floors – just switch the slider and the SEBO KOMBI is ready to go to work. The 90°vertical and 180° horizontal variable turning-swivel-neck offers enormous flexibility while the four rubber coated wheels make it glide easily.
    The new Twin-Stream suction system and the crescent-shaped stripes with natural bristles guarantee dust will be collected for edge-to-edge cleaning.
    Additionally, the SEBO KOMBI is equipped with four heavy-duty embedded stainless steel clamps and bottom plate. Two lint removers also pick up thread and fluff.

    For carpets we always recommend the use of a rotating brush. With the SEBO TT-C turbo brush this is possible for little money. The brush of SEBO TT-C is air driven and removes animal hair, fluff and dirt from the carpet. The spring loaded brush makes the SEBO TT-C suitable for high pile as well.

    The SEBO ET power head is perfect for deep and careful cleaning of your carpets. It picks up persistent pet hairs, lint and threads. The power head has an electronic alert system, which indicates the correct height setting for optimum cleaning performance. As a safety feature, there is an electronic switch that will turn off the brush roller if blocked. Simply push a button and the brush roller can be taken out, cleaned or exchanged very easily. The soft bumper of the power head protects your furniture from being damaged. The brush can also be manually switched off with the push of a button, making it suitable for delicate floors and rugs such as wool-loop pile carpets.

  • How do I care for my SEBO vacuum cleaner correctly?

    Your SEBO vacuum cleaner is a durable and tough machine. In order to get the best performance and longest life from your SEBO vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the following care instructions:

    • Change the filter bags, micro/ hospital grade and motor filter of your vacuum cleaner regularly. Please note the our filters are not washable.
    • Check the brush of your SEBO FELIX, SEBO AUTOMATIC X and SEBO ET power head regularly for hair and fibre and change the brush when it is worn.
  • Why does the vacuum cleaner leave stripes on my hard floor?

    There are various possible causes of stripes on your hard floors. Abrasion by the castor materials of the vacuum cleaner are not one of them. Over the time the castors can get dirty and this dirt can transfer to the floor. In this case an intensive cleaning of the castors is helpful. Another reason might be the ingredients of your cleanser. In many cases the cleanser consists of film-forming substances and surfacants. After drying a track might be seen on the surface. In this case changing the cleanser is the best solution.

  • Why should I upgrade to a vacuum cleaner with a power head?

    The use of power head makes sense when you have 50%, or more, carpeted floors in your home (due to the slightly higher initial costs). The power head cleans carpets more efficiently, more quickly and more intensely than a "normal" nozzle. They are comfortable and easy to use due to the brush action of the power head which lets the power head move forward almost on its own. Unlike a turbo brush, the electric motor of the power head provides a continuous rotation speed. This ensures a perfect cleaning result, even with difficult to remove pet hair and lint. At the same time, the use of power head prevents pile flattening and can double the lifetime of your carpet.

  • Is it possible to upgrade my vacuum cleaner with a power head?

    For optimum carpet care, we recommend the use of an upright vacuum cleaner or a cylinder vacuum cleaner with a power head. Many of our premium models come with a power head. The following models can be upgraded with a power head after purchase:


  • What is the SEBO AIRBELT?

    The patented, 2 layer soft foam bumper with its durable covering protects your furniture and walls from damage. The one–of–a–kind airbelt acts as a bumper guard that truly deserves this description. It also makes sure to expel the air very quietly. All SEBO cylinders are equipped with this innovation.

    We also have a video for our AIRBELT on our YouTube Channel: Watch the video

  • SEBO AIRBELT D, SEBO AIRBELT K or SEBO AIRBELT E? Which is the perfect model for me?

    During the development of our vacuum cleaners we consider the types of homes they will be used in (size of rooms, furniture,...). The choice of the perfect SEBO cylinder vacuum cleaner depends on the size of your household. The compact models SEBO AIRBELT K and SEBO AIRBELT E are suitable for single homes, small homes with max. 100 m2 or household with various levels. The SEBO AIRBELT D is the perfect choice for families and households with more than 100 m2. A cleaning range of 15.5 m (max.) and a filterbag with 6 l volume score for the SEBO AIRBELT D range. 

  • What is the difference between SEBO AIRBELT K1 and SEBO AIRBELT K3 machines?

    The SEBO AIRBELT K range offers a wide range of compact models to clean your home perfectly. SEBO AIRBELT K1 models are for smaller households. SEBO AIRBELT K3 models are for middle sized households. Due to the electrical hose, SEBO AIRBELT K3 models can be upgraded with the SEBO ET power head and UHS floor polisher SEBO DISCO.


  • What is the difference between SEBO FELIX 1 PREMIUM, SEBO FELIX 1 and SEBO FELIX 4 KOMBI?

    The SEBO FELIX range is the flexible floor care specialist. SEBO FELIX 1 PREMIUM is equipped with the power head SEBO ET. With a push of a button the power head can be switched off and can be used on delicate floors. The SEBO FELIX 1 is equipped with a power head as well, but it is not possible to switch it off and therefore not suitable for delicate floors. The SEBO FELIX 4 KOMBI is the allrounder. With patented SEBO KOMBI it can be used on hard and on carpet floors.

  • How can I change the exhaust filter of my SEBO FELIX?

    The exhaust filter of SEBO FELIX can be changed easily. Carefully remove the filter retaining rings and put them to the side. Next pull the enforcement strips of the exhaust filter out of the housing slot and remove the exhaust filter from the housing. When reassembling, please ensure the exhaust filter is fitted correctly in the housing slots and the filter retaining rings are installed correctly. Otherwise the filter will be ineffective.

  • How can I change the brush roller of my SEBO FELIX?

    For tool-free and easy changing of the brush roller, our power heads are equipped with a special release mechanism. To remove the brush roller, press the button marked "PRESS"  and turn the bearing downward. Turn the brush slightly to the right and pull it out. We recommend that you regularly  remove threads and hair, which have been wound around the brush roller.

  • Is it possible to use my SEBO FELIX 4 KOMBI with a power head?

    All SEBO FELIX models are for all round use and can be used with different SEBO floor nozzles to suit the requirements of your floor:


  • How can I change the brush roller of my SEBO AUTOMATIC X?

    For tool-free and easy changing of the brush roller, our power heads are equipped with a special release mechanism. To remove the brush roller, press the button marked "PRESS"  and turn the bearing downward. Turn the brush slightly to the right and pull it out. We recommend that you regularly  remove threads and hair, which have been wound around the brush roller.

  • What is the difference between SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 and X8?

    The SEBO AUTOMATIC X range is avaiable in two sizes. The SEBO AUTOMATIC X7 (31 cm) is the perfect choice for households with 100 m2 (max.) and a lot of furniture. The SEBO AUTOMATIC X8 (37 cm) is suitable for households with more than 80 m2 and a lot of free space and less furniture.

  • What is the automatic height adjustment of the SEBO AUTOMATIC X?

    The computer control in the power head identifies the floor and the height of the carpet pile, raising or lowering the brush automatically no matter what kind of floor*. The system detects the floor resistance and then reports it to the computer. The acquired value is compared with the stored value in the computer and then an instruction is given to adjust the brush level to its optimum height.

    An additional rubber-sealing strip on the bottom of the power head allows for bare floor cleaning picking up even the finest dust. You will never have to use a broom again and never have to make an adjustment to the power head.

  • My SEBO AUTOMATIC X is switching on and off. What can I do?

  • Can I use my SEBO AUTOMATIC X with a hard floor nozzle?

    The SEBO AUTOMATIC X is a high-class upright vacuum cleaner for the maintenance of carpets and carpet floors. Due to the automatic height adjustment of the brush it can be used on small hard floor areas as well. Fitting the SEBO AUTOMATIC X with a hard floor nozzle is possible.

  • The brush of SEBO AUTOMATIC X is still running while I'm using the attachment tube.

    To use the telescopic hose system, put the machine into the upright position, then lift the extension tube from the machine and stretch out the hose until it locks. When the tube is returned to the machine, insure it is pushed down over the projection on the housing. The hose can be used on its own when the extension tube is fitted to the housing. The attachments fit either to the end of the hose or the end of the tube.


  • Which floor pad should be used for which floor?

    Caring for the surface of a smooth floor is the basis for maintaining its appearance and longevity. Applying a coating protects the floor, facilitates daily maintenance and brings an optical enhancement to the floor. A different approach is required for soft coated and hard surfaced smooth floors: Smoth floors with a soft coating, e.g. with a wax finish (or similar), are easy to maintain and should be re-treated regularly. For these floors we recommend the use of the blue SEBO Floor Pad in combination with a commercial floor maintainer/polish according to the maintenance instructions for your floor. Floors with a hard surface either have a special hard coating    (e.g. acrylic) or are made from a hard raw material (e.g. natural stone floors, PVC). For these floors we recommend the green Floor Pad. The red and yellow SEBO Floor Pads are for restoring a gloss finish to worn floors which have a hard surface.The red pad is used for the first stage of the process and the yellow pad is used for the second, intermediate stage, before finishing with the green pad.

  • Which types of flooring can I use my SEBO DISCO on?

    The SEBO DISCO can be used on all kind of hard floors (stone, wooden, PVC). Please refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guides for your type of flooring and floor maintainers. The SEBO DISCO is not suitable for the following floors:

    • Floors with a textured surface
    • Non-gloss floors
    • Uneven tiles with raised edges (Special attention on areas with glazing)
    • Uneven floors
  • Which floor maintainer should be used with the SEBO DISCO?

    The Floor Pads have a special coating which make the use of floor maintainer unnecessary.

    The only exception is the blue Floor Pad for soft coated floors. It should be used in ith a commercial floor maintainer/polish according to the maintenance instructions for your floor.

    Please refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guides for your type of flooring and floor maintainers.


  • How long will spare parts be available for my SEBO vacuum cleaner?

    As a manufacturer of high class upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners which are "Made in Germany", we pay special attention to the quality and longevity of our products. For this reason we  ensure that spare parts are available for a long time.

  • What are the running costs for a SEBO vacuum cleaner?

    The filters and filter bags of our machines are designed for optimum functionality and long life and are especially economic in use. For instance the price for 8 filter bags is about 14,90/15,90 €.*

    *Depending on model.

  • Where can I buy original SEBO filter bags, equipment and spare parts?

    SEBO filter bags, equipment and spare parts can easily be bought at your local SEBO dealer, on the internet and at different mail order companies. On the right side of each product you can see suitable equipment and service parts for your SEBO vacuum cleaner.

  • Where can I buy SEBO vacuum cleaners? Can I buy them directly from your company?

    You have different possibilities to experience and buy our products. SEBO products could be bought at your local SEBO dealer, on the internet and at different mail order companies. We don't sell our SEBO products direct ex works. You can find the nearest SEBO dealer here.


  • How long is the guarantee for my SEBO vacuum cleaner? (Germany only)

    SEBO Stein & Co. GmbH grants an extended manufacturer's warranty on its household appliances purchased in Germany. If you register your SEBO household appliance on our homepage, you will receive a warranty extension of 2 or 4 years from the date of purchase, depending on the model.

    SEBO guarantee form

  • My SEBO vacuum cleaner is broken and has to be repaired. What should I do? (Germany only)

    If your SEBO vacuum cleaner is broken, you can go to your local SEBO dealer to get it repaired. You can find the nearest SEBO dealer here . Of course you can also send your broken machine directly to our central repair shop. Please refer to the SEBO repair standard form  for more information. 

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