For more than 40 years we have been developing and producing what we can do best - vacuum cleaners. We don't produce and sell other products because we are rightly specalized in vacuum cleaners. And all this time we have been at the same location - in Velbert (NRW). This is our origin and  will be in the future. In our SEBO advisor we want to give helpful tips regarding vacuuming.

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  • Which vacuum cleaner is the right one for me?

    Cylinder vacuum cleaner or upright vacuum cleaner? Power head or UHS Floor Polisher? There's a huge variety and a decision is difficult to make. In order that you get the right machine and are confident with your decision, you should ask yourself the following questions:

    • How big is the area to be cleaned? Which types of floors do you have?
    • How many floors does your home have how much furniture?
    • How many people are living in your household? Do you have animals?

    Last, but not least:

    • What kind of vacuum cleaner are you currently using?

    What are you dissatisfied with? If you have the answers to these questions, professional and qualified advice is required. 

  • How to clean my hard floors perfectly?

    High-class solid wood parquet floor, rustic timber floor boards, durable laminate or elegant tiling - hard floors are in line with the current trend. But they also have natural enemies: small stones, high heels, sharp edging and pet claws. Therefore proper care is very important in order avoid scratches. Here are some tips:

    • There should be a floor mat in the entrance area so that dirt, small stones and sand cannot be brought inside.
    • Put felt pads under tables, stairs and furniture to protect the floor from scratches.
    • Clean your hard floor and the floor mat in the entrance area regularly.
    • An adequate sealing protects your floor from heavy scratches and dampness on appropriate surfaces.

    You are not sure if your floor is well-protected? There is a simple test that can be performed to check if your hard floor is sealed correctly: Pour a drop of water onto the surface and spread it out with your finger. If the water is absorbed then the surface is in need of sealing as soon as possible. However, if the water beads and is repelled then your surface is properly sealed.

    And if your want to restore the gloss on your floor, the UHS floor polisher SEBO DISCO or SEBO FELIX 3 will become your new best friend. Without the use of chemicals it creates a unique gloss effect. The attached SEBO vacuum cleaner removes fine dust during polishing. SEBO vacuum cleaners like SEBO FELIX as well as SEBO AIRBELT K3, SEBO AIRBELT D4 and SEBO AIRBELT E3 can be upgraded with the SEBO DISCO for the daily maintenance of your hard floor. And best of all: You can reduce mopping and save time.

  • How to clean your carpets correctly?

    Did you know that carpeted flooring offers a real plus in the matter of hygiene and is the best choice for allergy suffers too? The DAAB (German Allergy and Asthma foundation e.V.) has proven that carpets prevent dust from becoming airborne better than hard floors.

    Dust is much more easily disturbed on hard floors. Most important is certainly the correct and regular maintenance of carpeted floor:

    • Loose dirt or dust should be regularly removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
    • Ingrained dirt can be cleaned with a special granulate or powder (SEBO DUO-P, Link)
    • Smaller, fresher spots can normally be removed with lukewarm water and absorbent cloth. Important: Only dabbing, never rubbing

    Are you a real carpet fan and have more than 50% carpet floor at home? Then you should think about an investment in a real cleaning and energy-saving machine: An upright vacuum cleaner or a cylinder vacuum cleaner with power head.Due to the simultaneously suction and brush action, the carpet are thoroughly deep cleaned. They are comfortable and easy due to the height adjustment of the power head which lets the power head move forward almost on its own. Unlike an air driven turbo brush the motor of the power head provides a continuous rotation speed. This guarantees a perfect cleaning result, even with difficult pet hair and lint. At the same time the use of power head helps prevent pile wear and doubles the lifetime of your carpet.

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